Our consulting group specializes in providing educational seminars, publications, and consultation with organizations regarding medication therapy management of patients with chronic kidney disease.

Through our work with state and national organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and individual groups, we use our skills and expertise as clinical nephrology pharmacists and educators to optimize the outcomes of patients with CKD and related disorders.

Explanation about charges for Dialysis of Drugs
Renal Pharmacy Consultants understand that Dialysis of Drugs is a useful resource and many people want the latest edition. We used to have corporate sponsorship for its production, meaning that we were able to supply it as a free benefit to anyone who requested it. However, the business climate has changed, and we now must absorb production costs ourselves. For this reason, we charge a very nominal fee for its purchase.
Purchase Orders and Institutional Site Licenses
If you require a purchase order, please email your order to nmason@renalpharmacyconsultants.com. Discounts are available for purchases of 500 or more. Clients may also purchase an institutional site license. We will provide you with a pdf version that can be posted on your intranet for unlimited use for one year, and can be renewed. This costs $2000 per year.


The 2020 edition of Dialysis of Drugs will be available soon!

Mobile App

$15.99 USD 1 year in-app subscription