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2014 Dialysis of Drugs
This widely-utilized reference provides concise, easy-to-use information on the dialyzability of drugs in patients receiving hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. This annual publication is available as a printed pocket guide, wall chart, iBook  and mobile app for iOS, Android and Kindle.

Explanation about charges for Dialysis of Drugs
Renal Pharmacy Consultants understand that Dialysis of Drugs is a useful resource and many people want the latest edition. We used to have corporate sponsorship for its production, meaning that we were able to supply it as a free benefit to anyone who requested it. However, the business climate has changed, and we now must absorb production costs ourselves. For this reason, we charge a very nominal fee for its purchase.

Purchase Orders and Institutional Site Licenses
If you require a purchase order, please email your order to Discounts are available for purchases of 500 or more. Clients may also purchase an institutional site license. We will provide you with a pdf version that can be posted on your intranet for unlimited use for one year, and can be renewed. This costs $1100 per year.

Mobile App is $7.99 USD per year
Search by drug name (brand or generic). iOS, Android and Kindle


iBook is $7.99 at iTunes
The printed pocket guide is $13.99 USD plus shipping
64 page pocket-sized booklet (3.75 x 6.5 inches)


The printed wall chart is $13.99 USD plus shipping
22 x 28.5 inches