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Updated March 2024

Drug Dialyzability Resources

Title:   Dialysis of Drugs, 2024 edition

Publisher: Renal Pharmacy Consultants, LLC. Bailie GR, Mason NA (eds).
Number of drugs: >2100
Current edition: 2024
Update frequency: Biennial
Prices: Mobile app $21.99; Pocket guide $23.99; Wall chart $23.99; Institutional site license (pdf) subscription prices available
Low- and high-flux HD, PD, Includes drugs from US, Canada and Australia. No CRRT.

Title:   Drug Dosing in Renal Failure: Dosing Guidelines for Adults 5th edition; Dosing Guidelines Book for Adults and Children, Univ. Louisville (online)

Publisher: American College of Physicians, Aronoff GM (ed).
Number of drugs: >450
Current edition: 2007
Update frequency: None since 2007
Prices: $112.03 (printed); Free access (online)
Does not specify low- vs high-flux HD.  Includes PD, CRRT, adult and pediatric dosing.

Title:   Dialyze IHD

Publisher: Kwok, P,  Leung M (authors). Providence Healthcare, BC Renal
Number of drugs: ~180
Current edition: 2012
Update frequency: None since 2012
Prices: Free  access (online)
No comparison of  low- vs high-flux HD. No  PD or CRRT.

Title:  The Renal Drug Handbook: the Ultimate Prescribing Guide for Renal Practitioners, 5th edition

Publisher: CRC Press. Ashley C, Dunlevy A (eds).
Number of drugs: >800
Current edition: 2018
Update frequency: 5 editions since 1999
Prices: Paperback $150; Hardback $300; eBook $112.50; eBook rental: 6 months $82.50, 12 months $97.50
Low- and high-flux HD, PD, CRRT, drug interactions.

Title:  Renal Drug Database

Publisher: Taylor and Frances, Ashley C, Dunlevy A (eds).
Number of drugs: >900
Current edition: 2024
Update frequency: Updated “regularly”
Prices: Subscription prices available for individuals, teams and institutions
Low- and high-flux HD, PD, CRRT, drug interactions.