Dialysis of drugs is an indispensable tool in the care and treatment of patients in need of dialysis.”

Ida Moensted
Hemodialysis Department, University Hospital of Zealand, Denmark  

“…(I) find the information invaluable. We are an acute care dialysis unit in a hospital setting and receive numerous inquiries daily from floors inquiring which meds to give or hold. The poster is on a wall for staff to easily view and the booklet is at nurses desk for easy access by residents, fellows and docs.”

Sandra Harpell, RN, CNN

“…I use my DoD pretty much daily. I purchased 3 copies for resident MDs at my work whom I favor. They were so stoked to learn how to use it and I plan to purchase a few more, plus one for myself…”

Melissa Halsey, RN 

“The convenience of having this app in your pocket is unparalleled. I use it on my assignments as a traveling dialysis nurse and it has helped improve the quality of patient care I provide.”

Paola Montesino, RN

 “We have purchased your books several times and find them invaluable in answering patient and staff questions and in determining how to manage drug administration during dialysis. Thank you for this valuable resource.”

Karri Hoopes, RN

 “I’ve used previous versions of the booklet, plus the poster is hanging in our medication room. It’s a terrific resource and I’ve used it fairly often, but I gave my last copy to a nephrologist a few months ago. I eagerly await my new one to arrive. I purchased a copy for our renal PharmD as well.”

Melissa Halsey, BSN, RN

 “As a dialysis nurse, I have found the poster for the dialysis of drugs an indispensable ‘tool in my toolbox’.”

Thomas Mills

“Dialysis of Drugs is a concise specialty reference that highlights the dialysis removal ability across a wide range of medications. This reference is a helpful aid in nurses and pharmacists in the scheduling and dosing decisions of medications for our end-stage renal failure patients on dialysis.”

Wang Aiwen, BSc (Pharm) Hons, PharmD, BCPS,

 “We have Dialysis of Drugs posters around out dialysis centre for all of the renal team’s quick and easy reference. All of our clinical pharmacists in the renal program also have the app on our phones. My favourite part of this resource is that it applies to both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis… Also, the pharmacokinetics explanation at the front of the book is extremely useful for making confident recommendations about the very few agents that may not be found in Dialysis of Drugs… Thank you to all who contribute to this very helpful practical tool.”

Jennifer Lowry RPh, R.P.